Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls

You definitely need at least a pair of balls, my recommendation is an entire kit!

Each size has it’s place in one’s self care routine.

The smallest size, the Original, is perfect for hands, feet, the back of the neck and the pelvic floor.

The medium size, the Plus Pair, is great for rolling along the spine, getting into the pecs, addressing the thighs and rolling out the shoulders.

The largest size, the Alpha ball, is perfect for glutes, the upper traps, the back of the neck and lower back.

The inflatable Coregeous ball, is a absolutely vital component to overall health. I can’t speak highly enough of this magic ball. Originally intended for abdominal massage, this ball is great for digestion, regulating abdominal pressure, and helping you chill out. It’s also great for pelvic floor health and full body fascial mobilization.