Gut Fascia Webinar Series


Dive deep into the fascial webs of the abdomen to get at the root of pain, discomfort and immobility from yourself, your clients and your students.

Launching April 20th

On April 20th, you'll have full access to the the webinar. Everything is pre-recorded to be viewed and reviewed whenever you want or need to.









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If any of these experiences sound familiar, this program is for you...

⇾ you struggle with digestive issues.

⇾ you're exhausted most days and yearn for more energy.

⇾ you've had abdominal surgery, including laparoscopic procedures.

⇾ it's hard for you to take full and satisfying breaths and your body craves that expansion.

⇾ there's a sense of heaviness through your belly and lower body and you desire the liberation of lightness.

⇾ you're not as nimble or mobile as you used to be and you want more fluidity through your spine, hips and shoulders.

⇾ you experience unexplained fatigue or sleeping problems.

⇾ you're in chronic pain that comes and goes with treatment but won't go away, even though you've tried everything.

⇾ anxiety and depression are common operating systems in your life.

⇾ you want to feel "good" more days than you feel "bad," physically and emotionally.

⇾ you cherish your body and resolve to keep it in peak physical condition to live a long life in comfort, pleasure and flow.

The Gut Fascia Webinar Series includes:

  • Lessons on the fascial systems of the digestive system and everything between the thoracic cavity and the pelvic cavity.
  • Exploration into the structural aspects of the abdominal viscera that directly influence the function of the entire human system. 
  • Organ specific fascial mobilization techniques you can use on yourself and teach your clients or students. 
  • Direction on which structures to target for unyielding musculoskeletal issues.  
  • Insights on emotional and energetic holding patterns in the body.
  • How to educate and empower your students and clients towards next-level self-care. 
  • So much more!

Video Lectures

Explore visceral anatomy through guided videos lectures that dissect the fascial anatomy of the gut.

Technique Videos

Master specific mobilization techniques for each structure in the abdomen.

Community Q&As

Have your questions answered and find answers for questions you never thought to ask in the online community platform.

Lifetime Access

Revisit and review the course content whenever you desire. You will have access to all future updates and new content as well.

Clinicians and Movement Teachers:

You know there's something deeper going on in your students and you just can't figure out what.

Your treatments, classes and privates help for a day or two, but your clients symptoms keep coming back.

You know how important the fascial system is in the body, but no one ever talks about the fascia in the gut, so you don't even know where to start.

Gut rolling techniques for yourself, your students and your clients, but it's not quite hitting the right spot for lasting effect.

Your students and clients have a plethora of symptoms like chronic pain, digestive problems, sleep issues, headaches, and full body tension and you're not even sure where to start with home care to give them the most relief.

"It was a perfect combination of theory and application. I got to understand what and why before practicing how to use that knowledge. The class was engaging and Casey was great about answering questions."

Ann Donachey

"You clearly have a great depth and breadth of expertise. I appreciate how you take the time to explain the content, maintain a good pace to allow people to keep up, and offer the information verbally, with written word, and practical demonstration to appeal to all modes of learning."


"From a Crohn’s patient perspective, it was enlightening to understand why I have so much tension in my gut. The wall work did wonders but also being able to visualize my inside helped."

Julie Thomas

I'm Casey, your Gut Guide!


And obsessed with all things human - including how our magnificent bodies work. I'm:

  • a Registered Massage Therapy, with an osteopathic technique based practice
  • a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer
  • a Certified Nutrition Coach
  • a mama of two amazing kiddos
  • a Crossfitting, weight lifting, gym goer
  • thrilled to teach you all kinds of things about your insides!

I made The Gut Fascia Webinar Series after a wildly successful Masterclass, which had everyone asking for more... more depth, more detail, more techniques, more context and application. When you dive deep into these embodiment practices, I would love to hear about your experiences with yourself, your clients and your students. Find me on social media and send me a message!

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