Hi, I'm Casey

I’m a Registered Massage Therapist, Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher and teacher trainer, a retired perinatal specialist and a mother to two incredible kiddos. I live just outside of Carleton Place and in my spare time I lifts weights, write about all kinds of things, cook delicious food, throw spontaneous dance parties and cuddle those amazing kids.

I take a holistic approach to the body and zoom out to look at the big picture.

My Massage Therapy practice is rooted in manual osteopathic techniques, mainly craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, that work with the deep structures in your body to help make you feel your best. Those techniques, as well as others I use in my practice, are highly effective for a wide variety of ailments and in my opinion, gets to the root cause of the issue. I do not give the typical Swedish massage type treatment, but if you’ve got problems, I’ve got solutions. My favourite things to work with are digestive issues, abdominal scar tissue, chronic headaches and neck problems, low back pain and women’s health. You can find me in Carleton Place at my clinic in Save On Fitness, in Ottawa at Lebreton Wellness.

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Gut Fascia Webinar

This in depth webinar is an extension of a wildly successful Gut Fascia Masterclass that blew minds and comforted bodies.

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