A woman asked what I did for work, so I said I was a massage therapist, but I work in a different way than most. Following that, I explained the types of modalities I use for treatment and assessment and mentioned myofascial release. Her eyes lit up when I said the word fascia and I knew what was coming next. Sure as shit, "have you heard of the fascia blaster?" and my blood pressure and heart rate creeped up. After a deep breath I said I'd heard of it, then she proceeded to tell me that her sister had used it every two days with great results and she was going to get one. My heart started to ache.

Here is the how the medieval torture device, I mean fascia blaster works:

Fascia Blaster
  • roll the ever loving fuck out of your superficial fascia to the point of damage (internal bleeding and inflammation)
  • let the swelling of the tissue fill out the dimples of your skin so it isn't puckered
  • repeat when the tissue heals and your body has reabsorbed the interstitial fluid

You know when you sprain your ankle or break a bone and everything around it swells? That's tissue damage and the inflammation is your body trying to heal itself.

So let me ask you this:

  1. Do you think that's a considerate thing to do to your body every other day?
  2. Do you think your immune, nervous, lymphatic and cardiovascular system appreciate the extra work they have to do?
  3. Could that possibly lead to unnecessary stress on your body because you're *repeatedly* abusing it?

No? I don't think so either.

My friend Gil Hedley went on a rant, er, I mean speech about cellulite... have a watch:

Here's some thoughts:

  • every body has cellulite (babies, skinny people, fat people, fit people, strong people, old people, young people)
  • the only nude people we see are our partners (that are human and have cellulite) and airbrushed models (which are so fucking far from a realistic representation of the human body)
  • I've seen an awful lot of naked people in my life and even the most conventionally attractive ones have "imperfect skin" - cellulite, stretch marks, acne, ingrown hairs, scars
  • superficial fascia is wet and juicy and therefore conductive - which means more sensation (unless you cause damage and make scar tissue) 

Love. Your. Body.

Love. Your. Fascia.